-  **upcoming**     “Yuri’  (Dorothy Circus Gallery, Rome, Italy) April 10


-  'Way of Life II'  (Thinkspace gallery, Culver City, CA, USA) Feb 2nd


- "Long Live the Polar Treasure" (Thinkspace gallery, Culver City, CA, USA) June 3rd


- "The way of life" (Project Gallery Toronto, Toronto, ON, Canada) June



- ‘Don’t wake Daddy’ curated by Heiko Müller (Feinkunst Kruger Gallery, Hamburg, Germany) Dec

- ‘House of The Rising Light’ (Dorothy Circus Gallery, London, UK) July

- 15th year Anniversary show ((Thinkspace gallery, Culver City, CA, USA) Jan


- “ Ritual” curated by Beautiful Bizarre Magazine (Haven Gallery, NY, USA) Dec

- 3 person exhibition  ( Antler Gallery, Portland, OR, US) Nov

- “ Gaia reborn: A Future Utopia ” curated by Beautiful Bizarre Magazine (Urban Nation Berlin, Germany) July

- “ Mother & Child” (Dorothy Circus Gallery, Rome, Italy) April


- Small works 2018 (BeinArt Gallery, Australia) July

- "Infinite well" curated by WOW X WOW art ( Nucleus Portland,Portland, OR ) May

- 6th Year Anniversary show (Arch Enemy arts,Philadelphia, PA,US) April

- POW!WOW! Hawai'i curated by Thinkspace gallery at Honolulu Museum of Art School (Honolulu, HI ,US) Feb

- Supersonic art invitational Group show (SpokeArt gallery, New york, NY, US) Jan


- LAX/JFK ThinkSpace x SpokeArt gallery (Spoke Art , New york, NY, US) NOV

- "GLOW" (Arch Enemy arts,Philadelphia, PA, US) Oct

- 'Unnatural Histories VI" ( Antler Gallery, Portland, OR, US) Sep

- The 12th anniversary BLAB show (curated by Monte Beauchamp, Copro Gallery) Sep 


- SCOPE Miami -Thinkspace gallery booth (Miami Beach FL, US) Nov

- Corey Helford Gallery's 10th year anniversary show ( Corey Helford Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, US) Aug 

- Exploring The New Contemporary Movement curated by Thinkspace Gallery ( Fullerton Museum Center, CA, US) May 

- 3 person show- Nature's Tale (Flower Pepper Gallery, Pasadena, CA, US) April 

- SCOPE NYC-Thinkspace gallery (New York, NY, US) March 

- Forecast group show (Project gallery, Toronto, ON, Canada) Jan 

- LA ART SHOW 2016 -flowerpepper gallery ( LA Convention Center ,Los Angeles, CA, US) Jan 

- The 3rd annual ‘POW! WOW! Hawai'i by Thinkspace gallery at Honolulu Museum of Art School (Honolulu, HI ,US) Jan 


- PROJECT P:EAR (stephanie chefas projects, Portland, OR, US) Dec 

- 4th year anniversary show (Flower Pepper Gallery, Pasadena, CA, US) Dec 

- LAX/LHR co curated exhibition (StolenSpace, London, England) Sep 

- 3rd annual art collector starter kit show (CHG Circa gallery,Culver City,CA,US) July 

- LAX/DTW curated by Thinkspace gallery(Inner State Gallery,Detroit,Michigan,US) June 

- Summer Reading list show (Arch Ememy Arts gallery, Philadelphia, PA, US) June 

- 3rd Annual 12x12 show (Gauntlet gallery, San Francisco, CA, US) April 

- 'Xiong Mao' show (Flower Pepper Gallery, Pasadena, CA, US) April 

- The 2nd annual Pow!Wow!Hawai'i by Thinkspace gallery (Honolulu, HI ,US) Feb 

- Life and Love group show(7 persons) (Flower Pepper gallery,Pasadena,CA,US) Feb 


- Flower pepper gallery's 3rd year anniversary group show (Flower Pepper gallery,Pasadena,CA,US) Dec 

- Aqua14 art miami by Thinkspace gallery (Miami Beach, FL, US) Dec 

-"The Brave Ones" group exhibition (Flower Pepper gallery,Pasadena,CA,US) Oct 

-"Ninth annual BLAB show (Copro gallery, Santa Monica, CA, US) Sep 

-"Wilderness" group exhibition (Auguste Clown gallery,Victoria,Australia) June 

-"Pandamonium" group exhibition (Flower Pepper gallery,Pasadena,CA,US) June 

-"Of History and Hope" group exhibition (Flower Pepper gallery,Pasadena,CA,US) 

-6x6 Group exhibition (Phone Booth Gallery , LongBeach,CA,US) 

-The Artist Project (Better Living Centre, Exhibition Place, Toronto) Feb 20-23 (link) 

- 'Salon' group show (Pentimento gallery, Toronto) Jan 23- March 16 


- Spring Salon group show (Pentimento gallery, Toronto) 

- Artists for animals fund raising show (Montreal QC) 


- 10th Annual Square Foot Show (Twist Gallery, Toronto) 

- Wild at Heart: Keep Wildlife in the Wild (thinkspace gallery, Los Angeles, CA) 

- Society of Illustrators Student Exhibition (Museum of American Illustration, New York, US) 

- Sheridan college BAA Illustration Grad show (99 Sudbury, Toronto)

- SASS Collective (Rustic Owl Gallery, Toronto)

AWARDS (selected)
- Society of Illustrators Student Scholarship Competition (Winner of the MicroVisions Award) 2012

- The Art Department(TAD) Scholarship 

- Creative Quarterly (Winner)

- CMYK magazine

- 3x3 Magazine Student show 


Kisung Koh 2019
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